Trophy Mom Hand Wash

Trophy Mom Hand Wash


From: Way of Will

You don’t need a special occasion to pamper your mom with this trophy!

  • Infused with an invigorating, stimulating essential oil blend:
    Lemongrass Essential Oil – Packed with vitamins A and C and has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties
    Tea Tree Essential Oil – Naturally disinfects and soothes irritated skin
    Lemon Essential Oil – Brightens dull skin and restores its natural luster
  • detoxifying and moisturizing hand wash leaves skin feeling cleansed, supple, and refreshed
  • purifies overworked hands and keeps sweat, bacteria, and dirt off while leaving a fresh, citrusy fragrance
  •  perfect way to show your mom figure just how much you appreciate their unconditional love.

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