Schitt's Creek Candle Moira Rose

Schitt's Creek Candle Moira Rose

SKU: MWB 004

If you like fruit wine as much Moira Rose, then you'll appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of this hand-poured candle.

Best paired with binge-watching your favourite show (Schitt's Creek, of course) and a glass of wine.

This candle featured one of Moira's clever quips: "If that's not cause for alcohol..."

Its Herb Ertlinger Peach Fruit Wine scent is peachy keen.

- 8oz

- 40-50+ hour burn time

Featuring laugh-out-loud sayings from your favourite Roses, hand-drawn illustrations and 100% natural fragrances inspired by all things Schitt’s Creek.

This Canadian candles are hand-poured in Lakeshore, Ontario studio. Using essential oils, 100% natural plant-derived fragrance oils, natural soy wax and cotton wicks, eco-friendly candle that you can feel good about burning.