Rose - Shea Butter Balm

Rose - Shea Butter Balm


from Shea Brand 

Made with the purest Hungarian Rose Absolute, rose is the richest, most soothing and powerfully therapeutic of our non-CBD shea butter blends. It offers antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties alongside a cooling softness.

Available in 3.5oz and 1oz size

how to use: Scoop a small amount and melt it between your fingers and palms. Apply to affected areas gently and rub into skin until evenly distributed. 

  • made with 100% certified organic ingredients, and is gentle for sensitive skin and is entirely hypoallergenic.
  • Hand-whipped and enriched with vitamin E, it’s able to tackle the toughest skin and hair issues and is completely free from essential oils – mild enough for a baby’s skin.
  • we recommend using it on rashes, scars, stretch marks, small wounds, sunburns, acne, dry skin, razor bumps, split ends, chapped lips, cracked heels, and peeling cuticles!

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