Pure Goat Milk - Cuticle Serum

Pure Goat Milk - Cuticle Serum


from Beekman
0.5 fl oz.

The concentrated serum has more than enough TLC for your ten digits. The gentle pillow applicator massages nourishing ingredients deep into cuticles to erase dry, cracked cuticles and give you healthy, beautiful nails.

how to use:
Step 1: Twist the applicator to the “on” position and gently squeeze.
Step 2: Use the pillow to massage serum over nails and cuticles, and let the formula soak in for 2-3 minutes. Reapply daily.
Step 3: Don’t forget to twist to “off” when you’re done.


  • nutrients in plant based oils (soybean, argan, jojoba, sweet almond & squalane)
  • rich in vitamin E + C & teatree oil to soothe and soften
  • free of synthetics, sulfate parabens, synthetic colorants
  • cruelty free

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