Hydrosol Cucumber - Face Spray

Hydrosol Cucumber - Face Spray


from Shea Butter Brand

Hydrosols, also known as “flower waters,” are created by distilling fresh leaves, fruits, and flowers. They work to balance, calm, and repair your skin by encouraging blood flow and providing hydration.

  • Cucumber is refreshing and ultra-hydrating.
  • It has peptides in it that help boost collagen and prevent wrinkles, all while smelling super fresh!
  • a great addition to your morning face routine, cooling down at the beach, or setting that glowing, natural makeup look.
  • They are great when used as a toner, before applying a moisturizer, as a makeup-setting spray, or simply as a cooling and refreshing mid-day mist.

Now available in 2 sizes: 2oz (small) or 4oz (large)


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